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Surface Pro X is the biggest improvement that has ever appeared with Microsoft’s tablet line since 2014. It has a new design, a thin bezel screen, a new Surface Pen, and a custom chip – something that is rarely seen in computer manufacturers. Here are the 5 most impressive points about this laptop.

Using own chip

It’s been a long time since it had a computer company that used its own custom chips. The Surface Pro X runs the SQ1 chip, it uses the ARM architecture and is actually designed by Qualcomm and Microsoft to collaborate but is still a commendable step. Customizing the chip helps ensure its performance is exactly what Microsoft expected on the Pro X.

And you may notice that this is an ARM core chip, which means it has better power savings than the x86_64 core commonly found on computers. Last year, Microsoft strongly refreshed Windows running on ARM so it was almost no different from normal Windows, and now it’s time for us to show the best of Windows on ARM.

SQ1 also has integrated artificial intelligence processor, suitable for machine learning, image recognition, voice…

Screen with thin border

This is the thinnest Surface Pro that Microsoft has ever launched, and it is also very beautiful, consistent with the general trend of the tablet market. It’s clear that this is Microsoft’s response to the iPad Pro, which has had a thin bezel design since last year. Unfortunately, the top and bottom are still thicker than the two sides.

Looking at the Surface Pro X, then looking through the Surface Pro 7, we can clearly see the difference of a modern design compared to one that has existed for many years. The Surface Pro X is a significant improvement over the Surface in recent years, and it makes us feel excited about Microsoft’s Surface line again.

Fast charge

According to Microsoft, the battery of the Surface Pro X can last from 13 to 13.5 hours depending on usage. It has fast charging technology that charges 80% of the battery in just 1 hour. This means you only need to plug in for 1 hour to be able to spend all day on the road without having to worry about finding a place for the Surface Pro X.

New Surface Slim Pen and new keyboard cover

The Surface Slim Pen is now thinner than the regular Surface Pen, so it can fit into the redesigned Microsoft Type Cover keyboard cover. When the pen is inserted, the pen will automatically charge, and when you remove the pen, Windows 10 will display a menu on the screen to lead you to the pen drawing feature.

Super thin and light

Designed to be able to hold in the hand again, Surface Pro X is only 5.3mm thin and weighs 774g without a keyboard cover. According to initial reviews, due to the slim machine plus the smooth side edges, not too sharp, the weight of about 700g is still not uncomfortable to use.


The Surface Pro X is priced from $999; However, Microsoft tablet users need to buy an additional keyboard for $140 and a stylus pen for $145.