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There are many factors to consider to get a beautiful living room carpet, of which size is a particularly important factor. How to choose a carpet sized and fit for the living room space. Please refer to the tips below.

Why do we need to choose the size of the living room carpet?

Currently, the living room carpets perform two main functions that bring a sense of warmth to the space as well as a decoration to complete the living space. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a lot of factors to choose a beautiful carpet and the size of the living room carpet will be another factor besides the choice of color, material as well as texture.

Choosing the right size floor mats for the living room will help bring a balanced, harmonious space. This harmony will bring beautiful space as well as highlight the value of other furniture. If you choose a large living room sofa carpet, they will take up all the space.

When choosing the appropriate size of living room carpet, it also helps to bring convenience in daily life as well as layout of other furniture in the space.

Factors that need attention when choosing the size of the living room carpet

To choose the size of a beautiful living room carpet, attention should be paid to many different factors. Please keep in mind the following notes through the article below.

Room area

The first factor to note is the overall area of the room as well as the location where the carpet is intended to be carpeted. Whether in a large or small room, it is also necessary to have a full set of tables and chairs, sofa tea table, TV shelf and when choosing the size of carpet, it is also necessary to base on the area to select and balance the items. A simple principle is that the large space you will choose large carpets, even cover the entire room. As for small spaces, you should choose small sized carpets to help open space.

Choose a carpet that is the right size for the common space

Size of other furniture

Living room carpet is decorative pieces, so pay special attention to the size of other furniture in the space. This makes it easy to align with other furniture to highlight their value.

First, the size of the living room carpet must be based on a luxury sofa in the space. Based on the carpeting compared to the sofa you intend to balance to choose the right size.

Choose your size according to carpeting

The size of the living room tea table also needs special attention because this is usually an important accompanying item.

Living room carpet sizes are popular today

Samples of living room carpets on the market today are very diverse in size for customers to choose. This helps meet a variety of customer requirements with different living spaces. Based on the specific characteristics of each space to choose a suitable carpet.

There are many different carpet sizes for customers to choose

Here are some sizes of standard living room carpets you can refer to to choose for your family.

  • Small carpet (S): 40cm x 60cm, 100cm x 150cm, 80 x 150 cm
  • Medium size carpet (M): 100cm x 200cm, 140cm x 200cm, 120 x170 cm
  • Large carpet (L): 150cm x 210cm, 170cm x 240cm, 160 x 230 cm
  • Extra carpet (XL): 180cm x 250cm, 200cm x 300cm, 200 x 290 cm
  • Extra extra carpet (XXL): 240cm x 330cm, 280cm x 365cm,
  • Round/oval carpet: 120cm, 190cm, 115 cm