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Currently, it is not too difficult to encounter a floor mat in the family living space or large construction spaces. The use of carpets brings a beautiful space as well as a comfortable and smooth feeling. However, it is necessary to learn more about how to preserve and care for carpets to keep the carpet clean and new.

The importance of preserving and caring for carpets

Any furniture in the living space will be affected by environmental factors as well as daily living and floor carpets are no exception. Like high-end sofa, your family’s carpet will be affected by food, drink or daily activities. This causes the carpet to be reduced in quality, color as well as with unpleasant odors.

Preserving and caring tips to keep your carpet as beautiful as new

Current types of floor mats vary from living room sofa carpets, bedroom carpets to office carpets. Each type is made of different materials with different characteristics so preservation and care are also different. In addition, base on the characteristics of living space as well as specific family activities to get the most appropriate methods.

Clean carpets regularly

The best way to preserve and care for carpets is to carry out daily, hourly cleaning. This is a simple but effective method. Cleaning will remove the dirt daily to prevent them from forming large dirt stains that are difficult to clean. This work also helps your carpet to have no unpleasant odors.

Carpets should be cleaned regularly

Extremely simple job when you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. At this time the dirt will be cleaned in the deepest of carpet fibers in the best way. Along with that, this way will also help dehumidify the carpet to stay dry and minimize mold moisture.

In addition, the stains caused by food and drink need to be cleaned as quickly as possible. This will minimize the stain becoming dirty as well as affecting the carpet, which will be difficult to clean and reduce the carpet life.

Wash carpets periodically

Carpet washing is an indispensable job in the process of using floor mats. Carpet washing will help the carpet clean deep inside the carpet to eliminate bacteria, as well as the dirt and odors that daily hygiene cannot. This can be considered as the most thorough way to preserve and care for carpets.

Use air-conditioner

A fairly expensive but effective way for your family’s carpet is to use air conditioning. This is a way to minimize the impact of moisture in the air on the carpet. Adjusting the temperature appropriately will help keep the indoor air always dry, limiting mold moisture as well as unpleasant odor in the carpet. Consider your family’s electricity bill before deciding to do this.

Clean and sanitize your living space regularly

This can be considered a traditional way, but it will bring quite a good effect to help you can preserve and care for your durable carpets for a long time during use. Clean the house regularly to remove dust and mold that may affect the carpet. This will also help the living space become clean, tidy, good for the health of family members.