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Each year, the interior design styles will change to suit different design trends. If you do not fully grasp the latest interior design styles, you will surely be confused about which design to choose for living space to meet all the functions, utilities, novelty and unique features. Let’s explore 8 famous interior design styles in Europe in 2019 for millions of families below

1. Minimalism

The redundancy in the interior layout will make the living space feel secretive, cramped and often will not fit with the minimalist interior design style. Minimalism towards simple lines, choosing simple and sophisticated furniture. This interior design style uses neutral colors, skillful selection of decorations, especially geometric blocks such as rectangles, squares, circles… to create depth for the space.

The interior design styles of 2019 are aimed at sophisticated minimalism, choosing a few highlighting details such as beautiful sofas and decorative paintings.

The furniture is all arranged smartly, beautifully and impressively

2 Neo Classical style

Neoclassical interior design style most often used in designing villas, luxury resorts, hotels … NEO CLASSICAL style stands out with sophisticated architectural design, elegance and meticulousness in interior layout. With this style, you will easily realize that the living space is blended with classical beauty with new, modern (old-new) details interwoven to create harmony and impression for the space.

Neoclassical interior design style often emphasizes the classic beauty much in the wall, high-end sofa tables and chairs, ceilings, decorative lights, gilded metal to create the elegance and uniqueness of Western aristocrats.

Neoclassical interior design style usually tends to luxurious and high-end beauty. Furniture is often chosen to mix outstanding colors often accentuate the beautiful sofa tables and chairs made of high quality leather or velvet velvet fabric.

3. Art Deco Style

Modern Art Deco trend is one of the interior design styles from France. This style is a harmony and blend between many typical architectural styles today such as neoclassical, modern, structural, Art Nouveau, stereoscopic. The Art Deco interior design style tends to simple bricks to classics in spatial geometry that are both strong and soft, and soft.

One of the prominent contemporary interior design trends today is indispensable for this style. Art Deco Interior design style creates an impressive interior design style, beautiful and unique for the space

4. Scandinavia Style

Scandinavian style is one of the typical interior design trends today. This style pursues rustic beauty in design, sophistication in layout and usability in use. This is an interior design style that architects have used in many interior spaces such as apartments, townhouses creating a unique feature with a great use experience.

Northern European interior design style always emphasizes simple, convenient and sophisticated beauty which is becoming a popular trend.

5. Industrial style

Industrial Style is inspired by the raw beauty, with a generous industrial space for industrial production. This style is combined, mixing between different interior design styles to create a luxurious attractive color. At the same time, it is emphasized by the concrete floor, brick walls, rough ceilings combined with the system of tubes and air conditioners to help the space be airy and more beautiful. Interior design is outstanding with an ancient brick wall and many impressive details

6. Vintage home decor style

In interior design styles 2019, it is impossible to ignore the trend of choosing Vintage styles. Vintage towards interior design from the past beauties brings a modern living space closer, more comfortable. In this style, you will easily see the spaces using lots of deep colors, selected furniture with ancient features such as tinted windows, old painted tables and chairs, classic decor…