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These Sofa models attract consumers thanks to their luxurious, sophisticated design and affirm the class of the owner. Here are 5 models of modern Italian-style chairs that are interior trends in recent years.

1. Sofa Milano&Design Agay

Clad in a white, creamy outfit, Agay exudes a noble, noble but still warm feeling.

Agay sofa is blown into the spirit of modernity, elegance and generosity. The armrest exudes dignity and power. If you are looking for a sofa to make the living room more polite and modern, Agay is what you are looking for.

Discover the mystery behind with just a touch of the button turns Agay from a mere sofa into a lounge chair with extended legroom extremely convenient and comfortable. Flexible in usage, easy to relax at any time, which you can hardly find in any other sofa product.

2. Sofa Milano&Design EE87

As the latest design from the famous sofa brand – Milano & Design, EE87 sofa is a favorite among leather sofa thanks to its high-class, trendy appearance and utility and intelligence.

Nurtured through many blueprints, EE87 is the dedication, the investment from the Italian sofa brand – Milano & Design. The intelligent motor system can adjust the legs and head flexibly, creating a sense of maximum relaxation for the user.

White Sofa EE 87

Brown Sofa EE87

Yellow Sofa EE 87

3. Sofa Chateau d’Ax – Emma

Appearing like an Italian lady with a bright smile, EMMA sofa will blow into your living room space a fresh breeze. Modern but no less elegant design, the EMMA sofa shines an irresistible charm.

Sofa Emma owns an intelligent engine system that can adjust the leg at will to help users relax most comfortable.

4. Sofa Chateau d’Ax – Softy

Softy sofa sets impress with its big design, high backrest and armrest that exudes elegance and power. You may imagine this is a rather rigid sofa, but the lines of the Softy set are extremely soft as the name implies. When you sit in, you will feel like a warm embrace covering the whole body. Softy is like a true gentleman, luxurious appearance, elegant but the manner that makes people feel gentle, warm.

What makes you excited about Softy is the ability to expand the seat. With just a button, the seat part can automatically double, ready for you to lie back and relax in the most comfortable way.

5. Sofa Chateau d’Ax – Avenue

Sofa Avenue is the product of the second largest sofa brand in Europe Chateau d’Ax, the brand from Italy known for the most aesthetic designs.

Avenue was “penned” by talented designer Corrado Dotti from the idea of power avenue. Avenue won the award for innovative design sofa – EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2018.

Big design, square and luxurious, Avenue exudes a class and atmosphere that does not appear on other sofa.